Friday, September 23, 2011

A Festive Fall Banner For Your Home

It's Friday and the first day of Fall!  What a great end to a week that simply flew by.  Perhaps it's because this has been fall project week here at the "Little Yellow Cottage."  Today, I finished the mantel and am  very happy with the results.  My project for today was creating the banner on the front of the fireplace.  It was so easy to make and adds such a festive look to the living room.

Remember, I am in my burlap phase, so today I used natural burlap for my pennants.  This is such an easy no-sew project.  Although I do sew and could have made these by sewing them over the sisal string, I made them with hot glue to show you how you can make this without threading a needle.

All you need for this project is some burlap in the color of your choice, a hot glue gun and glue sticks, artificial fall leaves, small pine cones, berries and artificial acorns (unless you have access to real acorns), some  small rocks, and a moss roll from the Dollar Tree.  This is a strip of moss on a web backing that can be cut and glued to most anything.

The first thing I did was measure a piece of sisal string on the mantel to know exactly what length I needed.  Next, I created my pattern for the pennant.  I drew a 12 inch square on a piece of brown craft paper.  Mark the center of the bottom line which would be at 6 inches.  Take a ruler and draw a diagonal line from the top two corners of the square to the center point on the bottom line.  You have your pennant shape.
Cut out the pennant along the lines you have drawn.  This pennant will have a 12 inch top which is rather large for indoor use.  I carried this pattern piece over to the fireplace and held it up to determine the size that I would want to use.   I made a crease on the edge of the paper where I wanted the top to be for the size pennant needed.
The pennant had to be cut down, so I folded the top over a straight edge, in this case a ruled, and creased it along the top.

Now, all you have to do it cut it straight across and you have the size pattern piece needed.  No drawing and re-drawing of patterns.  This can be reduced to a tiny little pennant if that is the size needed -  simple and easy.

Next, I folded the burlap and pinned the pattern on to start cutting my burlap pieces.  You can minimize waste by laying the pattern one way when cutting, then turning it the opposite way to cut the next piece.  This leaves practically no waste to the fabric.
I cut 12 pieces of  burlap for the banner that I would use across the front of the fireplace.  It is better to have a few extra than to find youself short and have to go back and cut more.  Next, I covered the table to protect it from any hot glue that might seep through the porous burlap.  I took my first piece of burlap and starting laying out pieces on it to get the look I wanted.  Each pennant I made is different, but you could make yours all the same if that is the look you wanted.

Here are some close-ups of a few of the finished pennants.  I  would lay down a leaf or two, some pinecones or acorns, until I'd get the look I wanted.   Then, I would glue them to the burlap. 

The pennants can be decorated an any way you choose.  After I finished all 12 pennants, I began gluing them over the sisal string.  First, I found the center of the string and marked it with a pin.  I laid the finished pennants out in the order I wanted them to hang on the twine.  I laid the first pennant face down on the table and placed the twine about 1/2 inch down from the top.  I ran a bead of hot glue along the top edge of the pennant and turned it over the twine and pressed it down.  Be sure and use something besides your finger to press the edge down because the glue is hot and may seep through the burlap resulting in a burn. 

 Next, I placed another pennant piece on the other side of center and followed the same procedure.  I used my finger to space the pennants so they would be equidistant apart.  I continued gluing until I had 10 pennants on the banner and had just enough twine left to tie the banner to the mantle.  That left two extra pennants which was great.  I found another place to use them.

I placed a clear push pin in the center of the mantle and one on each end.   I took the banner to the mantle and hung the center over the push pin and tied each end to the other push pins.  Finis!  (done)  I had to stand and look in admiration, it was just what the mantle needed,

The top of the mantle is decorated with gourds, pumpkins and Indian corn.  There are also some adorable paper doily pumpkins.  (There will be a DIY for these next.)  Now, were are all ready to settle down for an enjoyable autumn in our new home.  It has been a long time since was have had "firsts" in a home and it is rather exciting. 

This is a fun and easy project for any weekend crafter.  The banner can be hung anywhere you would like and adds so much color and pizzazz to a room.   What a fun way to welcome fall into your home.  What do you plan to do to decorate for fall?  

Everyday Donna

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