Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Quick And Inexpensive Table Runner For A Wedding Shower

The Traveling Grandparents are back home after a trip to Chicago to help our son and his family pack their household for a move to New York City.  Our son has been performing in a show called The Million Dollar Quartet for a year and a half and will now be performing with the New York cast.  This was a sudden call with short notice for the move.  We left last Thursday and helped all we could to make the transition as easy as possible.  We headed home Tuesday, while they started their trek to New York.  But, the night before we left for Chicago, I had to make decorations for a wedding shower my daughter was hosting for her dear friend here in Nashville.  We had just gotten home from two weeks in Dallas helping our daughter and her family there while she went to New York to film a segment for 60 Minutes.  When we got home, we spent three days watching our grandson here in Nashville while they were transitioning Nanny's. (Okay, I am exhausted just reading about this last month)  I had told my daughter I would do the decorations for the shower, but it had to be something that I could make and leave for her to work with since we were having to make the trip to Chicago.  Normally, I would have helped her decorate and would make the fresh flower arrangements, but it was not going to happen this time.  I wracked my brain about what to do.  

While we were staying with her son, I saw the invitation to her friend's wedding on her refrigerator.   They are having a private wedding in their yard with a big party/reception afterward.  Dress was "dressy casual with hats."  Hmmmmmmm.  The invitation was dark green with a big tree on it and it said "Eat, Drink and Be Married."  Okay, now my brain was starting to swirl.  I called my daughter and asked her to pick up some fabric because I would not be able to get to a store before we left.  She got 3 yards of a linen like fabric for $4.49 per yard on sale.  Her dining table is six feet long and she has a table on her screened in porch also.  This was enough fabric for me to split and make two table runners.  I found three little girl's hats at Goodwill for $6.00 total.  Everything else I needed was already in my craft arsenal.  She was trying to keep cost way down and this was really going to help.

I made two table runners by cutting the fabric in half.  It was 45" wide and would be just right for this project.  I turned the edges under 1/2 inch and pressed with a steam iron.  I then turned them another 1/2 inch and pressed.  Using clear nylon thread, I stitched the edges on my machine.  I timed it to see how long it took and it took me exactly 5 minutes for each runner - 10 minutes total.  If you do not sew, you can use fabric glue or stitch witchery for the edges.  Just follow the directions for the product you use.

I did not miter the corners, but simply turned them under in this fashion.  Saved me time and I knew the ends would hang off the table and hopefully no one from the 4H would be looking.  

I had decided to stamp Eat, Drink and Be Married on the runners and I already had this set of rubber alphabet stamps.  I also had the leaf stamp in the picture above.  I always have paint of varying colors and they are using greens and shades of blue for their wedding.  Perfect!  I was set to go.  I started by finding the middle of the runners by folding them in half and marking the middle with a straight pin.  I chose a place on either side of center and started stamping the words Eat, Drink and Be Married.  I used a light blue paint and painted each letter and stamped it on the fabric.

Next, I painted the leaf stamp with green paint and stamped a random pattern of leaves around the words.  You have to put paint on the stamp each time you use it. 

This shows one side of the runner.  Next, I used a black fabric paint marker and drew vines and connected the leaves in random fashion.  Then, I added "squiggles" and used a round sponge "stomp" and made blue berries on the vine.  

The runners came together very quickly and I have to admit, looked quite lovely when completed.  They fit the theme of the shower and added color and depth to the tables.  Tomorrow, I will show you the hats I decorated that were also used on the tables.  My daughter took a picture of one of the tables for me, since we were unable to attend and I will post it with tomorrow's tutorial.  

These runners were so quick and could be made for any occasion imaginable.  Once you have invested in a set of letter stamps, you will have them to use forever.  I got mine at Michael's.  I also have a lot of stamps that I have used for various projects, but they can be purchased at any craft store.  Acrylic fabric paint is cheap and also available at any craft store.  The total cost for this project was only the cost of the fabric.  It certainly kept her under budget and made a really impressive look on the table.  Give this project a try.  Fall, Thanksgiving, Christmas, a baby shower, birthdays - the possibilities are endless!  Let me know how yours turns out.

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