Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Easy, Inexpensive Gift You Can Make

If you are looking at this picture and wondering if this is a piece of wall art, the answer is no.  These are coasters that I made for Christmas gifts and they are so quick, easy and inexpensive.  They are made from ceramic tiles, scrapbook paper, Mod Podge, acrylic sealer, and a square of felt.  Aren't they pretty?

I don't know if you have tried to buy coasters lately, but they are hard to find and when you do they are expensive!!  They are something every household can use.  We have always used coasters to keep water marks off our wood furniture.  These coaster were made as companions for another gift I am giving this season.  (Will post on that next.  It is a really cute gift also!)

The tiles were bought at Home Depot.  They come in lots of colors and are really affordable. The white and tan tiles were only $.13 each.  The most expensive tiles were the black ones and they were $.38 each.  You can find scrapbook paper at any craft store and the sheets I used were on sale 5 for $1.00.  One sheet of paper will make 4 coasters.  Mod Podge and acrylic spray sealer are also available at any craft store.  Oh, and you will need a couple sponge brushes also available anywhere paint is sold.  I used a 1 inch size.  A square of felt from Michael's was less than $1.00 and I made all the little squares used on the back of the tiles from on square.  You will need a hot glue gun to glue the felt squares to the back of the tiles.  I used scissors that cut different shapes to make the fancy little scallop on the edge of the paper, but that is not necessary.  Otherwise -  easy peasy.

First, I found a box that was slightly smaller than the square tiles and used it as a template to draw the shape for the paper.  I drew 4 squares on each paper and cut them out with scissors.  Next, I lined my tiles up and started by brushing a thin layer of Mod Podge on one tile at a time.  Place a piece of the paper in the center of the tile, leaving an even border showing around the tile.  Smooth the paper with your fingers to remove any air bubble.  Continue the process with each tile.  Set aside and let the Mod Podge dry (it dries clear).  I let them dry overnight.

Next, put  another thin layer of Mod Podge all over each tile (over the paper too) and let it dry for several hours.  Just for safety, one more coat of Mod Podge.  After all the tiles were good and dry, I took them outside and sprayed them with a thin layer of acrylic sealer following directions on the can.  Acrylic sealer is very pungent and I would NOT recommend using it inside.  Two more thin layers of sealer were applied after each layer dried.  It dries very quickly and makes your coasters waterproof.

Take a square of felt and cut it into half inch squares.  You will need enough for 4 squares per tile.  Using a hot glue gun, glue a small square of the felt to each corner of each tile on the back side.  It will look like this:

I applied the glue to the felt square and then pressed it on the tile.  That way you are sure to cover the surface of the felt so that it sticks!  Because the tiles are rough and scratchy on the back, you don't want to skip this step.  No one wants scratched furniture protecting it from water stains.

Let these dry overnight again, so that they are all good and dry.  Next, I stacked 4 tiles together and tied them with twine.  They are a lovely and useful gift.  The really nice thing is they can be personalized for each recipient and they are a thoughtful, heartfelt, handmade gift.   Don't forget to make a set for yourself!

If you need a gift that is quick, easy and inexpensive this is one that everyone can use!  Hope you have fun with this.  We are in countdown mode and I still have a long way to go.  Back to the crafting table - I really am going to make it.  I know I can, I know I can.

Everyday Donna

Things to Remember:

Heartfelt and handmade gifts are the most precious.

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