Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Okay, you look at this and say yeah?  What is it?  Looks like a cake stand.  So?  But, it's something I made to fill a need.  I am going to use this in the centerpiece on my dining table.  It's going to be a candle holder.  Actually, I am making several.  And was it ever cheap!

This is what I used.
I found these plates in the clearance section at Old Tyme Pottery.  They were 38 cents each.  That's right - 38 cents each.  They were on clearance (my favorite word) at 75% off with another percentage off.  Original price was $3.79 each so I saved $3.41 on each plate.  YES!  They have a silvery cast to the glass which makes them really beautiful to use for my Christmas centerpiece and are 8 inches in diameter.  Perfect to hold a pillar candle and leave room for some decorations around the candle.

I had several glass candlesticks from the Dollar Tree that I have been shifting around from place to place for a couple of years.  They were - you guessed it - $1.00 each.  I have them in several heights, but I am using the 4 inch pair to make my candle holders.  They look like this.
The only other thing I needed was super glue.  You can get two tubes  in a packagefor $1.00 at Dollar Tree.

All you have to do is clean  your plate and make sure it is really good and dry.  Lay your plate upside down and apply super glue to the top of the candle stick or glass you are using for the base.  Center it on the bottom of the plate and let it dry.  Turn it over and you have a really pretty elevated plate that can be used for whatever you want it for.  Wouldn't this be lovely to hold cookies or candies for gift giving or to grace your table for Christmas?  It makes a beautiful candle holder and I will show you what my table looks like tomorrow after I get it all decorated with my hand painted runner and finished table setting.  It's going to be smashing I think.  (Did I just say smashing?)

This is a quick and easy project you can do using mismatched plates you may already have and odd and end stemware or candlesticks.  I have a couple of sherbet glasses and martini glasses that I am going to use for bases also.  Any base you find interesting could work as long as it can be glued to a plate.  You can even hit the thrift stores and see what you can find that is usable.   Any vintage plate or candlestick could be fantastic.  Here is what mine looks like with a  candle sitting on it.  Just remember, it is undecorated (and yes I decorated the candles).  Will tell you more about that later.  These candles would also make lovely gifts!  I couldn't decide which picture I liked best so I posted both of them.  Can you see the potential here?

Well, it's time to get to work.  I have many more gifts and projects to make before I am finished.  Hope you can put this idea to use to make something lovely for your home or for gift giving.  With budgets being tight this year, remember it is the thought that counts and you will have put your time and effort and thoughtfulness into this gift.  And, it  is a really inexpensive project that only takes some glue, a couple of pieces, and an idea.  No one will ever know it only cost $1.38 or whatever you spend.    They will think you worked very hard putting it together and are so creative.  : )

Everyday Donna

Things to Remember:

May no gift be too small to give, nor too simple to receive, which is wrapped in thoughtfulness, and tied with love. ~ L.O. Baird

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