Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Egg Shaped Chickadees Made From Felt

Last week I saw these adorable little felt "egg chickadees" as I like to call them on Pinterest.  They were designed by Kata Golda and were featured on Petite Purls.  They captured my heart and with Easter right around the corner, I wanted to make them for our grandson's easter baskets.  They are so adorable!  They take a bit of time since they are hand stitched, but I am making them in all different colors.  Our 5 year old grandson LOVES little toys to carry around with him and he's going to egg-specially love these!   These chickadees will make a really cute keepsake and colorful addition to their baskets for the egg hunt!

I freehanded my own pattern and it looks like this.  The body looks like an egg shaped boat propeller.  Each "egg" is 3 inches long from the center point to the end point and 1 5/8 inches wide.  You could use an egg to trace your basic shape if you can't draw something freehand.    I drew the wing so it would fit on the body and the tail looks like a little pennant.
Sorry, I'm not very computer savvy or I would make it so you could download  and print it.

Here is what you need:

felt in any color
embroidery thread to match the color felt you are using
sewing needles

I used this thread which I had on hand and it is a bit heavy, but worked okay.  Three strands of embroidery thread is what  you need to use if you have it.

Cut the pattern pieces out and pin them on a piece of felt.  Cut out one body, two wings and a tail for each chickadee.  Cut a tiny triangle for the beak.

Begin by sewing the face on.  Starting about 1/3 of the way down on one side, sew the beak on with tiny stitches in each corner of the triangle.  Be sure to knot your thread to begin and knot it off when finished stitching, making sure the knots are on the under side.

Next, make a french knot on either side of the beak for the eyes.

With the "face" side facing you, pull the seams together on one back piece and the matching front seam. Using a blanket stitch, stitch from bottom to top, making sure knots are on the inside.  When you reach the top, knot your thread on the back side of the piece.  Repeat with opposite seam.

Place a wing piece on each side panel so that it would look like a bird's wing and stitch with a running stitch.  (I used an over/under stitch which actually takes longer.  Don't ask me why.)

Now for the final seam.  Pull back seams together and stitch all 3 seams together at the bottom and continue to stitch up back seam about 1/2 inch using blanket stitch.  Fold the tail piece in half and insert in the back seam, attaching with a few tiny stitches.  Continue blanket stitch for another 1/2 inch.  Stuff your bird until it has an egg shape.  Finish stitching the seam closed.  Knot at the top and run the thread back down the seam  and clip it.

You now have one cute hand made felt egg shaped chickadee!  THEY ARE SO CUTE!  It's not that hard and so worth the effort.  These will make perfect little hand held toys, something to carry in their pocket or a thoughtful little gift.  Have fun with these!  Now, I have to get back to work.  Lots more chickadees to finish before Sunday.

Everyday Donna

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