Thursday, March 14, 2013

Easter Centerpiece - Paper Mache' Egg Tutorial

 You do realize that Easter is March 31st right?  Tomorrow we are halfway through the month, so if  you haven't started your spring/Easter projects yet, I am sounding the alarm.  It's time to get started!!!  This is the centerpiece I made or my dining table this week.  The book page paper mache' eggs are so much fun and may be one of my favorite projects ever.  You will want to try these for sure.  They are simple, beautifully decorative, and inexpensive.  Three great words don't you think?

It is vitally important to understand that I have glitter in my veins.  I am a true sparkly girl.  Glitter, sequins and rhinestones are my friends.  Now you understand a little more about me.  My centerpiece sparkles and that makes me happy.  If  you are not a big sparkle fan, don't put glitter on your eggs.  They are beautiful without it, just better with it in my estimation.

When I am walking through stores, there are things that catch my eye and I don't know what I will do with them at that exact moment, but they jump in my cart.  Did you ever have that happen?  Later, I discover the perfect place for them.  Always.  The little sparkly bunny came from Tar-jay (better known as Target) and it was available in pink and turquoise.  I liked turquoise so he came home with me.  He was $3.00.  How could I pass him up?  Obviously, I couldn't.

The basket was also in the cheap bins at Target for $3.00.  I bought a tall one and an oblong one.  They are metal and I used both of them immediately.  The oblong one was used for a floral arrangement, and the other is here in my centerpiece.  I was happy because I didn't want a wicker basket, but something you could see through.  Good old Target came through!

Now, for the paper mache' eggs.  Easy peasy.  I used the cheap plastic easter eggs for the base.  They are 18 for $1.00 at the Dollar Tree.  Every store has them this time of year.  I used a package of regular egg size and some smaller ones.   I used book pages from my Complete works of Shakespeare that I have been using for all kinds of projects.  This time, I used some of the engraving pages and they made fabulous eggs.
I know, they look kind of scary in the full page, but when you tear them into strips and apply them to the eggs they look downright awesome.
I added a little water color to some of them and some glitter to jazz them up just a bit.  I also used sheet music and regular book pages.  Look how awesome they look.
Oh, I really do love the way they look.  If you have never done paper mache', here is all you have to do.

Tear a bunch of pages into strips and then into smaller pieces.  Use Mod Podge or white glue and coat a plastic egg with it.  I just used my fingers.  Apply strips of paper to the egg and then smear some more glue over the top to make sure it sticks.  Because of the shape of the eggs, it is impossible to get all the creases out, but do run your fingers over the paper several times to get any air bubbles out.  Keep applying paper until the entire egg is covered (it can go in any direction) and none of the color of the egg is showing through. Run your hands over the eggs several times to get them as smooth as possible. I laid them on a plastic trash bag to dry.  Warning:  You will have glue all over your hands, but it will wash off easily or peel off when dry.

I had this beautiful glitter that I bought at Tuesday Morning for super cheap.  Glitter can be a little pricey, especially this super fine kind.  I paid $4.00 for all of this.  One vial of Martha glitter will cost more than that and you will use very little on a project like this.  These have shaker tops which I love.
After the eggs dried, I used some water color and applied it to some of the eggs so they weren't all white.  I made it very watery so it didn't cover up the print on the paper.  Then I applied a little more glue and sprinkled colored glitter on some of the eggs.  They are so pretty!
All of the eggs that don't have colored glitter have clear glitter applied.  They look SOOOOO beautiful.  I am sorry the picture does not capture how much they really sparkle.

To make my centerpiece, I used a little silver tray I already had from the Dollar Tree.  I wanted the centerpiece on something that is easy to move, since we put the leaf in the table often when we have company for dinner.  I used a package of green paper shred and covered the tray and the interior of the basket which I had placed on it's side.  I scattered eggs around and sat Mr. Bunny in the shred.  I added a tiffany blue bow from some wired ribbon that I already had and voila!  I had a centerpiece.

I made lots of eggs and will be showing you other ways to use them.  These could be made by children also if you are looking for a fun spring project.  Just make sure they are wearing old clothes or covered with something.  They will get glue everywhere.  If you filled the eggs with some kind of treat first and then paper mache'd them, they could be opened at an egg hunt or for Easter.  If you wanted colored eggs, you could used colored tissue paper and use the same process.  They would be gorgeous!

Here is the centerpiece from another angle.
Total measurements for the centerpiece is a little over 8 inches high by 15 inches long.  It is so colorful and sweet to look at.  I can't wait for the grandsons to see it!

The weather has been cool and yucky.   I decided to take matters into my own hands and create spring here in the little yellow cottage.  Our house is all decorated, wreaths are made and hung, and it is going to be 70 degrees this weekend!  Yahoo!!  It is time and we are ready for some warmth and sun.  Flowers and trees are starting to bloom and we started making plans for our annual egg hunt today.  Aren't you ready for some spring weather?  Hippity, hoppity, Easter's on it's way.  Let's get this party started!

Everyday Donna

Things to Remember:

Think spring rather than just Easter when decorating.  Most of my decorations will transition through spring.  This centerpiece will be easy to replace once Easter is over and I spent slightly over $10.00 on it and the eggs will be usable or years to come.  Think outside the box when looking at items to decorate with.  You don't have to spend a lot of money.  Just be creative.  donna

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