Thursday, December 5, 2013

Scrap Book Paper Flowers And Rolled Book Pages Make A Beautiful Wreath

 Hallelujah!  I am basically done with Christmas decorating, 2013.  I finished just in time for the impending ice event coming our way.  Hopefully, we won't need anything from anywhere because we will NOT be going out if we get ice and sleet as predicted.  Nashville is so very hilly and drivers are erratic on a good day.  Nope, not going anywhere.  We will stay in and listen to Christmas music and bask in the glow of the lights on the trees and elsewhere throughout the house.  There are many projects to be completed and baking to be done.  I am actually looking forward to it.  No need to go anywhere.  Yes, I like it.

Today, I thought I would share with you a wreath I made to hang in my tobacco basket during the Christmas season.  It was inspired by a similar one I saw over the weekend while shopping with friends on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.  That wreath was made on a grapevine wreath and I loved it.  It spoke to me.  It just wouldn't have showed up on the dark background of my basket.  So, I used an artificial greenery wreath instead.

The wreath had paper "flowers" and rolled book pages - so natural looking.  It just really appealed to me when I saw it.  Loved it actually and knew I would use it as inspiration.  I added some pine cones and Christmas ornaments and beautiful red burlap ribbon.  It's very easy to make.  Here is how you can make the paper "flowers."

First, cut 4 inch square pieces of paper in patterns that you like.  I used my trusty paper cutter that I got at Big Lots for $19.00.  It sure makes cutting things evenly and square so much easier than using scissors.  I chose 4 patterns of scrap book paper and cut each 12 x 12 piece into 4 squares, 4 inches on each side.
Next, you curl the corners by using a pencil and rolling the paper over the pencil.  You don't have to hold it very long, remove the pencil and it will curl.
This is how it should look.
Starting with the bottom piece of paper, hot glue a button in the middle of the paper.  Choose the next piece, hot glue the button in the middle and angle the paper so the curled corners are next to the first piece, not on top of it.  Hot glue that piece to the button below.  Continue up the stack until it looks like this.  I used buttons because I have a huge bag of them from projects past.
Make as many flowers as you would like for your wreath.

Now, tear some pages from an old book.  I have a Complete Works of Shakespeare (sorry Will) that I dismantled a year ago.  It was huge and has given me many pages for book page projects.  I just go get some from the stack.  Roll a page and use a glue stick to glue the last edge down.  You need 3 rolls per stack.  I turned the plain part of the pages to the inside and attached them to each other with a small dab of hot glue.  I did that so that only text is showing.
I used sisal twine, but you could use ribbon if you so desired.  Wrap it loosely around the middle of the stack and tie a simple shoe string bow.  Easy peasy.
Make as many stacks are you want to use.

Place the paper flowers and the book page rolls on your wreath where you want them to be.  Hot glue them in place.  I added pine cones and Christmas ornaments to fill in the wreath, then wove some burlap ribbon into the greenery.  That's all it takes.  Here's a closeup of details of the wreath.
Its really pretty and uses a lot of natural elements.  Here is the wreath in the middle of the tobacco basket and the decorations on the cabinet underneath.  I used lots of music and book pages in my decorating this year.

I will share directions for some of the other decorations I made as the days go by.  Book pages and music pages make for some inexpensive decorating elements.  There will be a picture tour of our home in days to come.

I hope the weather doesn't get too bad here or where you are.  If it does, enjoy your time at home if you are privileged to stay in and create something you love.  Christmas is coming!

Everyday Donna

Things to Remember:

Inspiration comes from many places.  Always look around for ideas when you are out and about.  donna

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